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Friday, November 23, 2007

Anniversary series lp's restock

The following lp's we released as part of our anniversary series are available again: Whitehorse, Wolf Eyes / Grey Daturas, Pharaoh Overlord and Goslings. Don't hesitate if you want a copy because we only have very limited quantities available.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

new MGR & MANINKARI records OUT NOW!

MGR 'Wavering On The Cresting Heft' (limited) LP/CD

With MGR guitarist Mike Gallagher -of renowned dirge architects ISIS- unveils a compendium of sparse ruminations culled from years of underground musical experience. Gallagher has developed a style characterized by dense, sustained textures coupled with a penchant for the subtle melodicism associated with the post-Sabbath riff. MGR's effectiveness stems from how fluidly Gallagher is able to gradually add texture upon texture, building up the intensity of the tracks until they reach a tragic momentum. Imagine Isis with much of the bombast stripped away, leaving only dark, moody and
melancholic soundscapes… MGR (the acronym for Mustard Gas and Roses, which Gallagher has borrowed from a line of Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five), is an emotionally charged amalgamation of sounds that, much to its credit, refuses to fit neatly into any particular category.

More info and audio samples here

MGR 'Wavering On The Cresting Heft'
CD 12.50 eur
LP (BLACK VINYL/350) 12.50 eur

MANINKARI 'Le Diable Et Ses Chevaux DCD

Maninkari’s' first full release (after releasing an EP featuring remixes by JESU and SCANNER) is no less then a gorgeous soft cacophony of epic post rock drift and minimal jazzy shuffle. Using light tribal percussion clouds and swirling melodies songs subtly and dynamically build, flow and spiral. Maninkari manages to add more textures and tonalities with various middle eastern origined instruments like Cymbalom and Santoor, resulting in adventurous and exploring new soundscapes.
This is truly something unforeseen and thoroughly special.

More info and audio samples here

MANINKARI 'Le Diable Et Ses Chevaux' DCD 14.00 eur

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Conspiracy launches MP3 store

On November 15 (tomorrow that is) a new feature will be added to our website: an MP3 store. You will then be able to buy most of the Conspiracy releases, CDs ánd vinyls, in MP3 format on the website. New records will also be available for download as from their release date on. It will be possible to buy either full records or single tracks, and we will make sure to add some exclusive, unreleased songs.

How this stuff works? You will find a link to the MP3 store on our website, which directs you straight to all available releases. A special MP3 shopping cart can be stuffed with all tracks/albums you wish to buy. The items in this shopping cart can be paid through Paypal, after which the order will be immediately ready for download. As with the webstore, payment can also be done by creditcard or bank transfer as preferred. After receiving the payment, an e-mail containing the downloadcodes will be sent to your e-mail address.

Naturally, all available MP3's will be of superb sound quality.

We hope you will enjoy this feature!