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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fear Falls Burning/Jesu leftover tour merchandise

Hey everyone,

The Jesu / Fear Falls Burning Euro tour has come to an end, special thanks to all those who came out!

We have some leftover merchandise, so if you didn't get the chance to buy something, or you still need a Christmas gift, this is what we have:

Fear Falls Burning shirt - size M, L or XL - € 13

Fear Falls Burning zip up sweater - size XL - € 28

Jesu white shirt GIRLIE - size S, M, L or XL - € 13

Jesu white shirt - size S, M, L, XL or XXL - € 13

Jesu black shirt w/ large print - size S, M, L or XL - € 13

Jesu black shirt w/ small print - size S, M, L or XL - € 13

Jesu black hooded sweater - size S, M, L or XL - € 25

We also received some very cool reactions to the tour, here are a few excerpts:

"The session begins with a haunting melody, occult almost, full of mystique and magic, floating on top of the distorted chords. At first, there are holes in the texture, bound together solely by the ambient atmospherics Serries (= Fear Falls Burning, sic) waves into them. But more and more, he sews the islands together, smoothening out the gaps and billowing the resonance into the pounding heartbeat of a supernatural entity. This is a drone if ever there was one! [...] The songs are astoundingly similar, but it is this very feat of never reaching one's goal which makes Jesu so strong: In its constant suffering, the band reaches an emblematic uniqueness, which sublimates their outwardly easy guitar/bass/drum exercises to art."

written by Tobias Fischer (TOKAFI.COM) about Fear Falls Burning and Jesu @ State X festival, The Hague 15 Dec 2007. Read full concert review here.

"Loud, raw and completely filling the room; in 1 piece, while being seated, hands ( + feet) on the guitar and fx, the composition of one of the more complex works, not chords, but a web of sound, multi-layered, restoring, but hustling, and at the same time aimless, but guiding."

translation of the review written by n (UNRUHR.DE) about Fear Falls Burning @ Underground, Köln 6 Dec 2007. Read full concert review (in German) here.

Vincent is working hard non-stop, so there are already a bunch of new (European) gigs and tours we are really excited about (check the Conspiracy Booking page for all news and updates). 2008... bring it on!

Happy holidays to all of you!

the Conspiracy

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

seldon HUNT solo expo in ANTWERP feb-march 2008!

Seldon Hunt, CC Luchtbal and Conspiracy are proud to present:


Our dear friend Seldon Hunt is coming over to Europe and he is bringing some of his work along! So we are very happy announce you the Seldon Hunt solo expo (February 16 - March 09) at CC LUCHTBAL in the city of Antwerp! The expo will feature new and older print work, as well as video and photography stuff. If you are living close enough to Antwerp or you happen to be in the area, make sure to have a look, because we are sure this will be


Opening will be February 15th and we'll do our best to make a really special night of it, we'll keep you posted about that!