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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knut - Wonder review

"Their core sound is a mix of classic noise-rock stutter-riffage with hardcore’s rage and metal’s technical skill. If you like Botch, Converge, or Helmet at their most alienating and least pop-friendly, you’ll love Knut. Their music is tight, disciplined rock made by, and intended for, intense men with short haircuts. It doesn’t seem intended to be pleasurable as much as cathartic and cleansing."

Read the full review at Burning Ambulance

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ebay Auction

We have a huge ebay auction with low starting prices going on, more items will be added over the next couple of days! Check it out over here.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Flying Horseman live at Duyster

Last Sunday Flying Horseman played a live session at the Studio Brussel radioshow Duyster. The radiostation now uploaded a live videoclip of Bitter Storm, an interview (in Dutch) and three more audioclips: Ghostwriter, There Lives a House and Climb Up the Wall. You can check this all out at the Studio Brussel website.

On top of that Julian Cope reviewed the Flying Horseman record on Head Heritage:
"Right, now I’ll try and simmer things down via this month’s reviews section. First, I wanna discuss the epic nature of WILD EYES, the extravagant debut by the Netherlands’ [sic] Flying Horseman. Whew, motherfuckers, you really nailed this fucker down! Huge guitar ramalama overloads the drums every time on this disc. Like heaping Justin Hayward’s post ‘Apache’ guitar mangle over Scott’s ‘The Seventh Seal’ or Nick ‘Johnny Cash’ Cave by way of Sonny Vincent and Glenn ‘Jimbo’ Danzig. And emanating out of that same arid Zoroastrian spaghetti desert as Yawning Man’s post-Post Punk takes, Flying Horseman sets up magnificent themes, indoctrinates us with’em, then brutally sweeps us sideways with indiscriminate drive-byes of minor-key evil… rat-atat-atat-ata-ata-ata-ata. Fabulous music this truly be, better still we gotta fully-fledged self-possessed figurehead in ye singer & songwriter, the starrishly-named Bert Dockx."

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Year of No Light "Hiérophante" Live @ L'Astrolabe - Orléans

Amazing proshot liveclip for Year of No Light's show at L'Astrolabe in Orleans.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Knut live in Brussels

Shoot Me Again posted a ton of great pictures of Knut's show in Brussel two weeks ago, check out the full set on their website.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Flying Horseman releaseshow at Monty

Next monday, 15/11, Flying Horseman will present their debut album 'Wild Eyes' live at Monty, Antwerp. For full details on this show check the venue's site

Friday, November 05, 2010

Head of Wantastiquet & Master Musicians of Bukkake reviews on Freqzine

Freqzine posted two great reviews of our new releases:

"Sunburned Hand Of the Man member Paul Labrecque turns his hand here as Head Of Wantastiquet to his own particular variation on American primitivism, taking the form down meanders which can be as strikingly wondrous as the packaging the record is released in."
Full review here

"Splurging out in vibrant Technicolor widescreen to a martial samba snare drum rolls marches a cod-Vietnamese rocking good-time, swinging tune. It’s possible to imagine the kids from Saigon boogieing to this before picking up their ChiCom AKs and heading out for a warm evening’s insurrection in the dance bars South Viet Nam back in the imaginary day"
Full review here

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Flying Horseman - Wild Eyes on Luisterpaal

You can now stream the complete Flying Horseman - Wild Eyes album on VPRO's Luisterpaal.
The band will play a release show at Monty, Antwerp on November 15. Click here for more info about that event.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

First Flying Horseman - Wild Eyes review (in Dutch)

"Intieme, emotionele nummers als ‘Bitter storm’, ‘Beats’ en ‘Meditation blues’ roepen met de ogen dicht visioenen op van modderige wandelpaden in een heuvelachtig landschap dat vanachter de kam wordt bedreigd door onheilspellend donkere wolken. Op de momenten dat de groep rond singer-songwriter Bert Dockx ook daadwerkelijk uithaalt, fungeren de songs als een schokgolf die de grond van onder onze voeten plotsklaps wegsleept."

Read the full 4-star review here

Taiga - Flora Chor review on Texture

"...the album's nine lush tapestries are hardly one-dimensional riffs on a single style; instead, Flora Chor presents a multi-varied program that touches down in multiple zones; it almost sounds as if Meyer purposely set out to take each piece into a place slightly different from the others..."

Read the full review

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last minute Gnaw gig

Gnaw have added a last minute gig to their European tour. Tonight (21/10) they will play at Le Detour in Lille, France together with the Swiss band Rorcal. Le Detour can be found at 61 Rue de Fontenoy, 59000 Lille.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


We are now taking preorders on the three upcoming Conspiracy releases, all three to be releases on October 22.

The first release is the debut album of the Antwerp based band Flying Horseman ‘Wild Eyes’. It's not easy to write something about a debut record, but when we first got to know Flying Horseman we were blown away by the sadness and beauty of Bert Dockx's songs. I remember late at night in some Estonian hotel room after a Mono concert listening to these songs for the first time, and everyone in the room turned silent. We realise all too well this might not be a record you would expect to be released on Conspiracy Records. For us, it's always been about music that matters, regardless of style. This is passionate and pure and heartfelt and disturbingly personal and is thus more important than 90 percent of the music that gets made these days. Lots of bands can 'rock' live, but rare is the band who can create a mood, evoke emotions, make standing in a smoky club feel like standing knee deep in the mud, watching the black night sky, thinking back over your life.
The music of Flying Horseman is like that, delivered with such fervor, so intimate and personal, and with such brutal musical intensity, that the songs take on the gravity and
urgency of sonic directives from some higher power.
Flying Horseman's musical inspiration is derived from Joy Division, Blind Lemon Jefferson, John Fahey, the Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Woven Hand, Townes Van Zandt, ...
The band around singer songwriter Bert Dockx has been together for over 2 years now, and has been overwhelmingly productive.
‘Wild Eyes’ is their first album, available on CD and 2xLP which is limited to 300 copies.
Flying Horseman Myspace

Click here to preorder.

The second is release is Head Of Wantastiquet’s ‘Dead Seas’. Head Of Wantastiquet is the alter ego of Paul Labrecque, an American musician, songwriter now residing in Belgium.
He has recorded several solo albums and collaborations (with Chris Corsano and Valerie Webb) and he plays and records with the bohemian group Sunburned Hand Of the Man. He recorded for labels such as Mad Monk, Three Lobed, Eclipse and Bad Da Ding. Historically, aesthetically and sonically his new work bears genuinely comparison with ‘American primitivism’. It’s a mix of psychedelic banjo hymns, apocalyptic space folk and incredible drugged out soul-whispers. It layers banjos, guitars and smoke as though they were shimmering veins of black pearls, pulsing against the scarlet dawn. Head Of Wantastiquet manages to take a conceptual precept as dark as life itself, and invests it with an inner glow that churns our own black hearts like butter. This album will be available on CD & LP+CD. We have 3 different colors available; 100 on silver vinyl, 175 on clear vinyl and 375 on black vinyl.
Head Of Wantastiquet Myspace

Click here to preorder.

And lastly we will be releasing a brand new Master Musicians of Bukkake 7” to coïncide with their upcoming European tour. This 7” features two brand new songs that sound like nothing the band has ever done before. 3 different colors available: 75 copies on red vinyl, 125 on crystal clear vinyl and 500 on black.
Master Musicians Of Bukkake Myspace

Click here to preorder.

Knut Wonder promo vid + release show pictures

Knut posted a promovideo for Wonder & their upcoming tour on youtube.

On top of that they posted a ton of pictures from their releaseshow with Dälek & Melt Banana on their facebook.

Ccheck out the whole lot here

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

More Knut dates!

Three more Swiss Knut dates have been announced.

17-11-2010 Romandie - Lausanne
03-12-2010 SAS - Delemont
04-12-2010 Sommercasino - BASEL

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Knut tourposter + new show

Knut will be touring Europe next month, these are the upcoming dates:

24-10-2010 La Cooperative de Mai - Clermont Ferrand, France
25-10-2010 La Maroquinerie - Paris, France
26-10-2010 Confort Moderne - Poitiers, France
27-10-2010 Grrrnd Zero - Lyon, France
28-10-2010 Bitte - Milan, Italy
29-10-2010 Unwound - Padova, Italy
30-10-2010 Bunker - Bolzano, Italy
31-10-2010 Jubez - Karlsruhe, Germany
01-11-2010 Matrix Club - Prague, Czech Republic
02-11-2010 Zoro - Leipzig, Germany
03-11-2010 Cassiopeia - Berlin, Germany
04-11-2010 Paradox - Tilburg, Netherlands
05-11-2010 Magasin 4 - Brussels, Belgium

On top of that they will be playing a show with Zatokrev at SAS - Delémont, Switzerland on December 3rd.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gnaw tourposter

We will be releasing a tourposter for the upcoming Gnaw tour. This silkscreened tourposter is designed by Seldon Hunt and is limited to 100 copies. Each poster comes with a free download for Gnaw's take on the Einstürzende Neubauten classic 'Kollapse'. This poster will be exclusively available at the upcoming Gnaw/Monno tour. If there are copies left at the end of the tour, we will sell them at our webstore.

13.10.2010 Trix Antwerpen Belgium
14.10.2010 Magasin 4 Brussel Belgium
15.10.2010 AJZ Bielefeld Bielefeld Germany
16.10.2010 La Maroquinerie Paris France
17.10.2010 Le Romandie Lausanne Switzerland
18.10.2010 Jubez Karlsruhe Germany
20.10.2010 Le Sonic Lyon France
23.10.2010 Supersonic Festival Birmingham UK

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Year of No Light review on

Here's a great track by track review of Your of No Light's 'Ausserwelt' written by Janet Willis.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Year Of No Light to play Roadburn 2011

We are very happy to announce that Year Of No Light will be playing next year's Roadburn Festival. Twice! On Thursday they will play a regular set, on Friday they will be providing the soundtrack for the horror classic 'Vampyr' directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer at the Midi Theatre. Check all the details here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Knut reviews

Knut are collecting all the reviews of their latest record Wonder at their Facebook page.
The page is pretty active for the moment so 'like' them if you want to get their updates!

Friday, September 03, 2010

After a year we lower the mailorderprices of our cd-releases from €12.50 to €10.00, so the following items we released in 2009 have dropped in price:

Transitional - Stomach of the Sun
Master Musicians of Bukkake - Totem One
Isis - Wavering Radiant
Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind
Gnaw - This Face
Monno - Ghosts

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free Knut show in La Louvière this Saturday!

This Saturday Knut will be playing a free show at La Taverne Du Théatre in La Louvière, Belgium. You can find all info on the venue's Myspace. On Sunday the band will be performing at the Ieperfest together with Converge and Kylesa, we'll be selling records there as well so come and say hi!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Conspiracy Summer Blowout

This is your chance to fill the holes in your Conspiracy collection!
We are offering 5 lp and 2xlp vinyl releases of your choice for the price of 55 euro (+ shipping) and 10 lp and 2xlp vinyl releases of your choice for the price of 99 euro (+ shipping). And yes, that includes the double lp’s in our backcatalog! To top it off we'll throw in a seven inch of your choice, two if you are buying 10 lp’s!
Please let us know what records you want through the comment box when you place an order. We will then get back to you with a total including shipping. This offer lasts till August 31!

If you want to get a shippingquote before buying, just get in touch through nathan@conspiracyrecords and we’ll figure it out for you!
Make your pick from following releases:

core090 Aun / Habsyll 'Split' LP
core080 Transitional 'Stomach Of The Sun' 2LP
core078 Isis 'Wavering Radiant' 2LP
core075 Gnaw 'This Face' LP
core073 HeatdeatH 'Un' LP
core072 Strings Of Consciousness & Angel 'st' LP
core071 Taiga 'Hsheal' LP
core070 Monno 'Ghosts' LP
core069 Maninkari 'Art Des Poussieres' LP
core068 Envy / Jesu 'split' LP
core067 Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat 'The Nebulous Dreams' LP
core066 Jakob 'Solace' 2LP
core061 Fear Falls Burning 'Frenzy Of The Absolute' 2LP
core060 HeatdeatH 'St' LP
core056 M.G.R. 'Wavering On The Cresting Heft' LP
core050 Pleasure Forever 'Bodies Need Rest' LP
core047 Growing 'Live' 2LP
core046 Jesu 'Conqueror' 2LP
core025 Creature With The Atom Brain 'Kill The Snake' LP
core022 Mauro Pawlowski & The Grooms 'Black Europa' Pic Disc LP
core018 Valina 'Vagabond' LP
core016 Valina 'Into Arsenal Of Codes' LP
core013 Rubbish Heap 'st' LP
Subdviant Recordings001 Llips 'Dos Partes' 2LP
Subdeviant Recordings002 Bohr Bug 'st' LP
Subdeviant Recordings003 Cassini Division 'st' LP

And now pick a seven inch free of charge! Pick 2 if you are buying 10 lp’s

core008 Upset / Rubbish Heap 'st' 7"
core009 Deadzibel 'Four Song Environment' 7"
core014 Stifled Cries 'st' 7"
core048 Thrones 'Wage War b/w Trmph Lfe' 7"

On top of that we’re also offering 5 and 10 cd packs. 5 cd’s will cost you 30 euro (+ shipping), 10 cd’s will cost you 50 euro. Same as with the lp’s: let us know what cd’s you want through the comment box when you place an order. Make your pick from the following list:

core088 RED SPAROWES ‘The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer’ CD
core080 TRANSITIONAL ‘Stomach Of The Sun’ CD
core078 ISIS ‘Wavering Radiant’ CD
core077 MONO ‘Hymn To The Immortal Wind’ CD
core075 GNAW ‘This Face’ CD
core070 MONNO ‘Ghosts’ CD
core067 KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT ‘The Nebulous Dreams’ CD
core062 TRANSITIONAL ‘Nothing Real Nothing Absent’ CD
core061 FEAR FALLS BURNING ‘Frenzy Of The Absolute’ CD
core057 MANINKARI ‘Le Diable Avec Ses Chevaux‘ 2XCD
core056 MGR ‘Wavering On The Cresting Heft’ CD
core054 SUNBURNED CIRCLE ‘The Blaze Game’ CD
core053 MANINKARI ‘Psychoide / Participation Mystic’ MCD
core052 SKULL DEFEKTS, THE ‘Blood Spirits & Drums Are Singing’ CD
core050 PLEASURE FOREVER ‘Bodies Need Rest’ CD
core029 MONNO ‘Error’ CD
core028 KNUT ‘Terraformer’ CD
core027 SHORA ‘Malval’ CD
core024 BORIS ‘Boris At Last: Feedbacker’ CD
core023 WHITE CIRCLE CRIME CLUB ‘Written In Black’ CD
core021 IMMENSE ‘Hidden Between Sleeves’ CD
core019 WHITE CIRCLE CRIME CLUB ‘These Are The Secret Sounds Of Fear’ MCD
core018 VALINA ‘Vagabond’ CD
core017 QUETZAL ‘Dead End Tracks’ CD
core010 QUETZAL ‘The Messenger Lies Bleeding... ‘CD
hh666-77e 27 ‘Let The Light In’ MCD
hh666-76e KEELHAUL ‘Subject To Change Without Notice’ CD
hh666-59e ISIS ‘Celestial’ CD

Here are direct links to the packs:
5xLP Pack + free 7"
10xLP Pack + 2 free 7"s
5xCD Pack
10xCD Pack

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Amazing Year Of No Light review

"Ausserwelt reminds us of greatness such as the Cure’s Pornography and Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation. Ausserwelt is lifted by long-noted and varied guitar, powerful, slow drumming, and crisp, rolling bass. Ausserwelt has no vocals and we are beyond pleased by this because we are blown away by this masterpiece."

CWG Magazine posted an great review of Year Of No Light's 'Ausserwelt'. Check out the full article over here

Isis/Melvins split 12" update

As mentioned two weeks ago there’s an ongoing dispute about the sound quality of the Isis/Melvins split lp’s, which in our opinion is inferior.
We’re currently trying to get the pressing company to take their responsibility and after returning records to the pressing plant we are now sending a record to Hydrahead so they can check for themselves and put some pressure on the pressing plant. We’re very sorry for the delay and any inconvenience caused but we’d rather not send out broken records. We’ll keep you updated and will post more news as soon as we have heard back from Hydrahead.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt stream

Those of you who haven't heard Year Of No Light's latest album Ausserwelt, you can now stream the album on the french website the Drone.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Isis/Melvins 12"

We received the Isis/Melvins split 12"s yesterday, today we noticed that the vinyl shows scratches and smudges and doesn't sound that well so we decided not to ship them. We're currently trying to figure out what the problem is so we can solve it. We will keep you updated!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Red Sparowes live

Jon Mancinetti filmed and edited the whole Red Sparowes set from Grog Shop Show on 18/4/2010. Looks and sounds amazing!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ever wondered what a Monno & Knut collaboration would sound like?

Last week Antoine Chessex (Monno), Jérôme Doudet (Knut) and Roderic Mounir (Knut) joined forces and played an ear punishing show in Geneva.

Dirk Serries - Microphics XIV

Last Sunday Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning) played a Microphonics show in Ghent. You can listen to this show exclusively on internet radio station Fluid. Click here for the audio.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Isis/Melvins 12" & Torche/Boris 10" now available for preordering

Both the Isis/Melvins split 12" and the Torche/Boris split 10" released by Hydrahead are available for preordering as we speak. Click here to preorder the Isis/Melvins 12" and here for the Torche/boris 10". Official releasedate for these records is 13/7, we hope to ship our copies around that date.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mono - Follow The Map tshirt

Here's a bigger image of the Mono 'Follow the Map' shirt. Click here to order.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Knut Interview and mp3

Revolver magazine posted a small interview with Knut and a new mp3 of their new album Wonder. Check it out! Revolver Magazine

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt review

Monochrom posted a fantastic review of Year Of No Light's Ausserwelt

"What a massive, enormous, epic release! Probably the best thing to come from Conspiracy in quite some time and that is saying much. In a time where Isis have broken up (well in time, they were on the edge of tipping from great and legendary to boring) and there are many bands playing instrumental, long winded shit that it is hard to stay awake, this six-piece doom-orchestra is really taking impact and size to new levels. Brings my faith back into heavy music even more, and that is the best thing to happen to me in a long time. I mean, starting again to listen to metal in my age is a sort of juvenation therapy..."

Read the full review here

Monday, June 07, 2010

New Shirts preorders

Here are some bigger images of the shirts we are now taking preorders for. Please order these shirts before 24/6 so we have the time to place an order ourselves.

Monday, May 31, 2010

BORIS ‘boris at last – feedbacker –‘ LP review on TOKAFI

Sound, Drones and Rock n Roll: An unexpectedly positive noise-symphony.

Most likely because of their love for noise, distortion and feedback, Japanese Trio Boris have sometimes been classified as Post-Metal-deconstructionist. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Turning the amplifier into the focal point of their sound, the band may actually represent the original spirit of Sound, Drones and Rock n Roll more faithful than most of their peers. In an age, when Rock has turned into an economic vertical ruled by rational logic, their take on the genre is as reinvigorating as it is, in an admittedly twisted way, pure. Even the outward hubris of a release like „Feedbacker“ signals, if anything, a return to the core values of the genre and to a time when musicians would try and expand the borders of music rather than cater to a bourgeois need for weekendly simulations of revolution: Composed of a single, fourtythree-minute composition characterised as a „symphony“ in the press release and comprising a host of different movements and styles, it defies the law of gravity by proudly revolving around its own axis.

At the time „Feedbacker“ was first published as a co-production between their own, bizarrely titled, Fangs Anal Satan imprint and Conspiracy Records in 2003, Boris were still more of a small cult-band which had managed to secure one-off releases with fledgling label Southern Lord. The album would, however, quickly cement their name as one of the first harbingers of the surge of a new wave of Noise-Rock-bands to whom the sound, physical feeling and immersive qualities of Guitar-feedback meant everything, but the „evil“ aesthetics and distopian Weltanschauung of Metal were more of a gimmick than something to be truly taken seriously. Eight years on, it is not hard to discern what made them such an enticing proposition: Defying fixed terms like improvisation or song, the work drew from the unconscious rather than the subconscious, inventing itself with spell-binding imagination in each moment. It was in-your-face enough for slow-motion headbanging, yet complex enough to warrant repeat listens. Accessible enough to appeal to those in love with the quaffable groove and slacker-mentality of the Stoner-community, yet radical enough to qualify as experimental. And it combined a deep admiration for the classic cornerstones of distortion-worship with the passionate ambition of transcending them.

On the one hand, one could therefore simply perceive the record as a smoothly segued juxtaposition of five distinct tracks. On the other, it also makes sense to regard it as a creative continuum, bracketed by an opening solo-Guitar exercise drenched in warm, crunching frequencies and, a full three quarters of an hour later, a relaxed band-outro rising from the debris of the preceding onslaught like a drowsy phoenix from the ashes. Contained between these poles are a dreamily drifting space-section ingenuously slowed down by Drummer Atsuo's intricate half-time beat, raw, unholy powerchords and an almost funky groove-section, which sees frontman Takeshi contrasting elegant vocal lines with mysteriously metaphorical lyrics: „Must shoot at the season of the fangs that has forgotten to make a decision. Fragments have come together to become me. Millions of me, million ways of living.“ Just when you thought melody and hooks had taken over, Boris relentlessly send the entire piece through the shredder. Riffs are broken apart into their formants, licks smashed to pieces, Guitar- and Bass-lines stretched into chilling, frosty tones, as percussive patterns mutate into a grinding sequence of metallic hihats slowly fading away into darkness.

Boris have always placed seminal importance on communicating with their listeners as directly as possible, which is why live-gigs are probably still the place where their ideals shine through in their most precise and undiluted form. And yet, their studio-output is marked by the very same ideal of music constituting a two-sided exchange. By finding a balance between the textural sound-properties of their music and the notion of a journey marked by development, transition and transformation, „Feedbacker“ forces its audience to surrender to it completely. Sections brimming with beauty take turns with terrifyingly mangled din, wilfully burning whatever background wallpaper-qualities the album may have had, but this is anything but an act of destruction. In the act of listening, a bond is struck between listener and band, which can be taken for an invitation to share the inexplicable intensity of an experience regardless of what's ahead. Compared to the occasionally offputtingly mathematical permutations and calculated aggression of many of their peers, that is an unexpectedly positive message by all means.

By Tobias Fischer

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gnaw at Supersonic Festival

We're very happy to announce that Gnaw will be playing this years Supersonic Festival in Birmingham. Other bands include the legendary Swans, Eagle Twin and Bong among others. For more info visit the Supersonic website

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Knut - Wonder preorders

The new Knut album 'Wonder' is now available for preordering! First vinyl pressing is limited to 1000 copies: 100 on gold, 200 on clear/red mixed and 700 on black. Releasedate for this record is 8/6 and all preorders will ship around that date!

Despite gaining a steady fan base and extensive media coverage over the almost two decade long adventure of their career as well as making it to the Swiss edition of Trivial Pursuit, Geneva-based quartet Knut (russian word for “whip”, pronounced “cnoot”) are still occasionally filed away in the popular Metalcore-drawer. On their fourth full-length the band are now setting the record straight.

Three years in the making and again culled from myriads of jam sessions, „Wonder“, released on Hydra Head in the USA and on Conspiracy Records in Europe, has turned out a monolithic album-statement between explosive Hardcore, Noise-Rock, Math-Metal and Psychedelia.

It's all about knowing exactly what works and what doesn't, finding a balance between order and chaos as well as pushing your limits while staying true to your roots.

Featuring notably more vocals than headline-grabbing predecessor „Terraformer“ and a more varied and refined production than classic „Challenger“, „Wonder“ has ended up a daring but entirely organic tightrope-walk between beguiling atmospherics and brutal aggression, short up-tempo miniatures and slow-grinding fuzz-epics, hoarsely screamed songs and drone-driven instrumental passages.

Staying true to Knut's claim that „over-intellectualizing harms the beauty of creation“, the occasionally complex and intriguingly convoluted structures of „Wonder“ feel very much as though they had been passionately churned out in a single, liberating explosion at Serge Morattel's RecStudio in Geneva (where “Challenger” was recorded back in 2001). 2006's Remix-album „Alter“, on which various producers from the realms of experimental Sound Art (JK Broadrick, KK Null, Dälek, Asmus Tietchens, etc) had transformed some of Knut's cuts beyond recognition, has certainly not rubbed off on the new material. Instead, electronics have turned into a trippy, but subtle layer in the equally dense and spacey sound of the formation. Add to that some of the group's most immediate riffing and the outcome is a hallucinogenic journey filled with astoundingly diverse references ranging from Death Metal to the delirious blend between blissful Ambient and crushing Doom displayed on anthemic closer „Daily Grind“.

Hypnotically switching between fearful intensity, dreamy interludes and massively stretched-out excursions, „Wonder“ moulds these influences into an absorbing, razor sharp and immersive experience. Knut have found their true voice after a trio of releases dedicated to carving out different aspects of their style. For a band who, at one point, felt they'd already said everything there was to say, that's a pretty powerful statement indeed.

“Tobias Fischer / Tokafi”

Mono Tourposters

Here are two bigger images of the Mono posters, click here to order the tourposter and here for the poster of the Leuven show.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mono Holy Ground 3xlp/cd

The Mono - Holy Ground 3xlp's/cd's arrived today and we are shipping them as we speak. We're sorry for the slight delay but these could not get out of the States because of the ashcloud a couple of weeks ago as we mentioned before.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wolves in the Throne Room 2xpicture disc & Aun/Habsyll split lp out now!

Both the Wolves in the Throne Room - Black Cascade 2xpicture disc (tour edition and limited to 400 copies) and the Aun/Habsyll - S/T split lp (limited to 500 copies) are now available for ordering. All preorders should be shipped out by now, in case you haven't received a shipping confirmation drop us an email at
Click here if want to order the Wolves in the Throne Room and here for the Aun/Habsyll.

Free Gnaw show in New York

This Thursday (May 6th) Gnaw, Ocean and Sin of Angels are playing a free show at Fontana's, 105 Eldridge St, New York , NY 10002. If you want to attend you'll have to RSVP here.

Mono Holy Ground 3xlp/cd

We've received several emails about the Mono Live release. Unfortunatly these have been stuck in the USA for a while because of the ashcloud over Europe a couple of weeks ago. The parcels are currently at the Belgian customs and should arrive here any minute now, as soon as we have received them we'll start shipping them. The problem is a bit out of our hands but we're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Thursday Master Musicians of Bukkake are playing a show at Trix in Antwerp together with Wooden Shjips. As you might know there currently is a huge dustcloud hanging over Europe which blocked all air traffic for several days, resulting in Yob, who played Roadburn last weekend, getting stuck here on the continent. The great folks of Trix and Heartbreaktunes decided to add them to the show this Thursday so Yob will play an aftershow right after Wooden Shjips.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conspiracy Distro at ROADBURN festival

conspiracy will be at roadburn festival thurday, friday and saturday - if you happen to be there, feel free to pass by our distro!
All of us will be there, so all orders/payments/emails will be taken care of on Monday.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt preorder

The Year of No Light 'Ausserwelt' preorder starts today. We have an exclusive preorder shirt available. Music Fear Satan will release the vinyl of the record and were so kind to offer us an exclusive brown 2xlp limited to 100 copies which will only be availble through our mailorder! Release date for this record is 26/4 and all preorders will ship around this date. Preorders on the shirt will end on 19/4 so please order before this date so we have the time to order the shirt.

Year of no Light spent most of the last 4 years spreading its enthralling psychedelic warfare to a continually growing audience. Alongside they parted ways with their singer (R.I.P) and recruited two other thirsty mercenaries. Shiran, of über-doom combo “Monarch!”, brings now his chthonian six strings to an already massive cathedral of noise and ambient drone tones. Mathieu, of deviant-electronics act “Aeroflot”, strengthens ritualistic tribal rhythm patterns.

Out of their cave, they secluded into an old theater to record these 4 tracks catching every possible vibration of the trembling frame of this enlivened a new mansion. All the energy collected at that very moment forms “Ausserwelt”, the sophomore album of Year of no Light. Mystical emanations flow out of these riffs colliding into each other to an in ear-splitting shriek. Cranked amps and molested drums hurl their mourning chant as a choir intoning its final psalms at the dawn of the Last Judgment. Year of no Light follows the path opened by “Nord” towards more somber psychedelics, creating its own blend of black metal, sludge, drone or any other influence marked with the seal of darkness.

Still no caps, no core neither stupid modern nihilism but instead an ambiguous electrical network of acting singularities, now ready to afford the collective metaphysical crash to come.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

RED SPAROWES 'The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer' CD/LP RELEASE DATE TODAY!

today is the release date of the RED SPAROWES 'The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer' CD/LP.
The pre-order shirts are bound to arrive in the late afternoon, so we'll start packing and shipping all pre-orders with shirts from tomorrow on. Please be patient, we'll do our best to get these out asap, but there's a lot of you who ordered, so we'll need some time.

THANK YOU to everyone who ordered this, and for those who live in the US, check out
for US tour dates!

here's a few links to reviews and intws;
panicdot intw intw feature (In German)


Thursday, April 01, 2010


Just a quick post to inform you that all the Master Musicians Of Bukkake Pic Discs have shipped - thanx to all who ordered this!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Just a quick message to thank all of you who pre-ordered the Thrones 7", all copies have been shipping from yesterday on.

The Master Musicians Of Bukkake Pic Disc LP arrived yesterday as well, and they look truely amazing! We're waiting for the new OBI strips to arrive any day now, and we'll start shipping all pre-orders immediately after that!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Sparowes preorder

Tonight we'll start taking preorders on the Red Sparowes ‘The Fear Is Excruciating But Therein Lies The Answer’ lp and cd. The first pressing of the lp is limited to 2000 copies and we have 3 different colors plus black vinyl available. Blue/yellow flamed lp is limited to 100 copies, clear blue to 200 and the clear version to 300. Blue/yellow flamed is limited to 1 per customer!
We also have an exclusive preorder shirt available. The preorders with shirt will end on 30/3, after that you can still preorder the lp and cd. All preorders will ship on the releasedate of the album (6/4)!