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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Skull Defekts Usa Tour

Sweden's THE SKULL DEFEKTS are touring East Coast-Usa in October 2008
check the dates below and go say hi if anywhere near them, if not you can still order their "Blood, Spirits & Drums Are Singing" cd here just because it rocks.

Oct 3rd Brooklyn NY@ Death By Audio
Oct 4 Baltimore MD @ Talking Head Club
Oct 5 Washington DC @ Sonic Circuits Festival, Velvet Lounge
Oct 6 Middletown CT @ Ecletectic at Wesleyan University
Oct 7 Providence RI @ AS220
Oct 8 Somerville, MA @ PA's Lounge
Oct 10 Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
Oct 11Toledo, OH @ Frankies
Oct 12 Chicago IL @ High Concept Laboratories
Oct 13 Ypsilanti, MI @ The Pleasure Dome
Oct 14 Colombus, OH @ Skylab
Oct 15 Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooski's
Oct 16 Philadelphia, PA @Danger Danger Gallery
Oct 17 New York City, NY @ The Cake Shop
all dates w/ Brooklyn,NY's TALK NORMAL

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jesu/Envy color adjustments

Hi Everyone,
we recently announced the colors for the Jesu/Envy split lp, unfortuntaly we received a message from the pressing plant saying that they can't press the record on transparent green vinyl so we switched to gold vinyl. The pressing will now be:

300 on silver (only available through the bands)
500 on solid gold
500 on transparent blue
700 on solid white

Everyone who had the green vinyl on his wishlist now automatically has the gold vinyl on it so you won't have to add it to your wishlist again.
the Conspiracy

Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat - the Nebulous Dreams

The brand new Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat record, the Nebulous Dreams is now available at our webstore. Order it here

Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat has always been utterly fascinated with primitive savagery and heathen tactics. On this third full length endeavor, they explore and recast their horror-filled doom theme in the light of current debates on modernity and globalization. Minimalist instrumentation and hypnotic ultra dramatic vocals are wrapped in equal parts doom ridden heresy, the percussion is stripped down off hazy emotions and stretched into a pure vessel of magical strength, where a muted buzz deliberately enforces mental overload. A divine doom folk/rock cloud that shares apocalyptic interests with such visionaries as Current 93, Woven Hand, Richard Youngs, Comus and other uplifting pagan psych-folk.

With bestial roots in the anti-establishment punk movement and a healthy dose of nihilism, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat are ready to drive the wooden stake through the heart of inner demons. A wail of a time. When not chewing wind-dried tobacco, these vicious heretics sink further into dreary pools of cosmic sin. Pounding drums that sound like bones drugged with medication, hovering over a ghostly buzz spiked with bells and subtle piano clatter. Blackened loner persistance drenched in assault sorcery and woven with occult paraphernalia. Highly influenced by spiritual unease, borderline fathoms and kanaima, an ancient practice that involves the ritual stalking, mutilation, lingering death and consumption of human victims. Serpent riders gather around the trance-inducing campfire and raise their beverages to inhumane fornication and strangled animals. Heretics believed that fire was a living being, notably an old woman, the licking flames of the fire are her movements. The indistinct shape of semi religious drama and apocalyptic misery create a nocturnal ability to see through the dark. Board up your windows and load up your shotgun. The death is in the details... More specifically the end of a hot dog that resembles a cat's anus. I may just have to eat my words.
'Carlo Steegen -
This record is limited to 750 copies. 250 on clear and 500 on black.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT 'The nebulous dreams' Streams entirely!

That's right, we're streaming the entire record for a week! You will be able to listen the whole record September 17 until February 24.
The first reviews are coming in, check what Julian Cope had to say on Head Heritage:
"Those of you dragged awake by such cello and viola drones and dark fölk musings will hopefully dig THE NEBULOUS DREAMS, an epic (but too brief) album by a Belgian sextet fabulously known as Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat. Released on Conspiracy Records (, and led by singer/keyboardist Stef Irritant, this ensemble has conjured up such a superb union of pagan discord and highly catchy repetitious choruses that each song enslaves listeners’ brains and pummels their subconscious minds. Imagine Marc Almond singing Van Der Graaf Generator’s ‘Killer’ over a churning base of Sweden’s Terry Rileyesque Parson Sound and you’ll be approaching the pleasure centres of this extraordinary group. Grab your copy from Conspiracy Records or interface directly via"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fear Falls Burning Dwars session

Dutch radio station VPRO recorded a Fear Falls Burning session, you can listen to the session through the links down below, please note that the FFB session is broacdcasted in the second hour of the show, not the first as noted on the site. Later on an interview will be posted as well.
Part one
Part two

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September mailorder discounts !

Hi, we wanna revive our backcatalogue to the subscribers of our mailinglist, and we need fresh funds to put out great new music.
This is offer is valid until the end of september 2008 and it is for Conspiracy CD's released prior 2008.

Individual CD's are 10 euro.

Buy 2 Conspiracy Cd's for 12 euro + shipping
Buy 5 Conspiracy Cd's for 25 euro + shipping
Buy 10 Conspiracy Cd's for 40 euro + shipping

This blowout is for the titles below, vinyl is not included in the blowout sale.
Just add the cd's you want to your shoppingcart. At check out your price will automaticaly show up reflecting the amount of cd's you ordered.

check out the discounts HERE

VALINA 'Into arsenal of codes' CD
VALINA 'Vagabond' CD
WHITE CIRCLE CRIME CLUB 'These are the secret sounds of fear' MCD
IMMENSE 'Hidden between sleeves' CD
BORIS 'Feedbacker' CD
SHORA 'Malval' CD
KNUT 'Terraformer' CD
MONNO 'Error' CD
PLEASURE FOREVER 'Bodies need rest' CD
SKULL DEFEKTS 'Blood spirits and drums are singing' CD
MANINKARI 'Psychoide / Participation Mystique' CD
SUNBURNED CIRCLE 'The blaze game' CD
MGR 'Wavering on the cresting heft' CD
MANINKARI 'Le Diable avec ses chevaux' 2CD