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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Remember ?

Anyone remember the band RUBBISH HEAP from Belgium ? Dave & Vincent of Conspiracy records used to play in that band before they got old and fat. They had a few releases on Conspiracy records (long time ago ...) Some are still available at conspiracy as they split up right after the release . Recently a friend sent a link to the Skate movie "RUBBISH HEAP" which the band was named after . If you wanna see Mike Vallely & co skate hard in their early days , you can check the movie here !


mikxxx said...

One of my favourite bands ever...the "path of lies" it's so fucking awesome 7"..thanx for the beautiful sounds

rayss said...

can you tell me info on the path of lies 7'', i have seen two different covers on the site and the one i have is different from those.
thanks. great label and great band.