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Friday, September 07, 2007

Forgotten record of the month: 27 - 'Let The Light In' MCD - € 3.00 !!!

In our 'forgotten record of the month' series, this time around we're offering the 27 - 'Let The Light In' MCD for a mere € 3.00 for a limited time only. Act fast!

27 is a 4 piece band based in Boston that uses sample loops, rock instruments and sultry vocals to create dark pop songs with a broad range of emotions and textures. The instrumentation ranges from gently sparse to lushly full, revolving around the alluring and captivating vocals. The more experimental tracks with electronic loops and landscape elements often create a tripped-out vibe, while other songs explore a more simple and direct rock approach. The music has hushed moments, but remains extremely dynamic. 27 has been described as a cross between Portishead and Neil Young; the band has also been compared to PJ Harvey, Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple and Fleetwood Mac.

Click here to order the 27 - 'Let The Light In' MCD now!

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