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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Birchville Cat Motel, HeatdeatH, Fear Falls Burning, Transitional & NADJA releases!

Hey folks,

Time for a huuuuuuuge update...

First we'd like to wish everyone a splendid 2008!
2007 was a blast for us with the new Maninkari CDs, the collaborations of our dearest Fear Falls Burning with Birchville Cat Motel and Nadja, and Sunburned Hand of the Man with Circle of course. We had some delicious new MGR stuff, a very tasty Skull Defekts record and we were delighted to throw in those Pleasure Forever recordings we got from Sub Pop. Even earlier there was the Growing 'Live' LP and of course Jesu's 'Conqueror' and Isis' 'Celestial'.

Our plan is to continue that path to pleasing your ears this year, and we have quite some stuff in the works to do just so:


BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL 'Four Freckle Constellation' limited LP - transparent/black - Artwork by Seldon HUNT


6 New tracks by New Zealand's Birchville Cat Motel (Campbell Kneale).

Campbell Kneale has to be one of the most exciting proponents of the New Zealand noise-avantgarde scene, engaging the full spectrum of electroacoustic sound exploration over numerous releases on such labels as Ecstatic Peace, Drunken Fish, Freedom From, and many more …
To listen to Birchville Cat Motel, one must really free their mind. It is more than just an aural experience. Being immersed in his soundscapes is like being transported to another world, like a great composer, he puts each piece in its perfect place as to leave the longest impression. To say Campbell Kneale is a drone master is kind of an understatement. Over the courses of too many releases to remember, he has constructed a sonic arsenal to match any threats that may arise.

'Four Freckle Constellation 'is no less then a mindfuck of epic proportions…

More info and sound samples here!

HEATDEATH 'St' (very) limited LP - handnumbered/black

OUT ON MARCH 25, 2008!

HeatdeatH is a duo from Minnesota that conjures up sound with guitars, drums and machines. Musically informed by Black Metal, Free Jazz, Electronic Composition, four track recording and pretty shit, their sound constantly unfolds and overlaps, searching melodically with great sadness and beauty, while overwhelmingly abrasive and terrifying all at once. HeatdeatH is the Void, Infinite Cosmic Despair, and the end of consciousness.
With HeatdeatH, Andrew Broder and Tim Glenn are flirting with the dire circumstances of the human condition in the abstract. The two tracks on this black slab of vinyl are thematically linked in sound, structure and mood. The music evokes a place unpleasant and unbearable.

More info and sound samples here!

FEAR FALLS BURNING 'Frenzy Of The Absolute' CD/Limited 2xLP clear&white/black

OUT ON APRIL 22, 2008!

Dirk Serries is one hard working man! This highly-anticipated new studio album is the initiation of a change in method and playing for Serries aka Fear Falls Burning. On this album he blends his drone spectrum with slow repetitive drums (with drummers such as Tim Bertilsson/Switchblade, Magnus Lindberg/Cult of Luna & Dave 'Conspiracy' Vanderplas/Ontayso!), and additional guitar layers, manifesting a work of mysterious landscapes of ghostly echoes and whispered guitars, long stretches of blissy drift and dark washes of distorted hiss...
The vinyl version has one extra track ( ‘The Passage Of Wrath’) and one hidden track.

More info and sound samples here!

TRANSITIONAL 'Nothing Real Nothing Absent' CD

OUT ON MAY 27, 2008!

Transitional; a solid, textured and dynamic sonic journey through a world that is both self deprecating and enlightening, but either way leaves you wanting more.

Heavy electronic machinery, juggernaut bass lines and hypnotic guitars go from passive relaxation to an unstoppable machine within a single surge.

Kevin Laska's woven creations of bleak electronic/organic mesmerizing mayhem and bliss has found a new level. Now joined by legendary bassist Dave Cochrane (Grey Machine, The Courtesy Group), who played with the likes of Kevin Martin in God, Ice
and The Bug and Justin Broadrick in Head of David.
Born September 2006 Laska's found himself in another quality up with Cochrane, following his last collaboration with a.o. Russel Smith and Anthony Difranco (Ramleh, ex Skullflower) as Novatron.

More info soon!


NADJA 'Touched' 2xLP (Alien8 Recs) - APRIL 2008!

NADJA 'Radiance Of Shadows' 2xLP (Alien8 Recs) - MAY 2008!

NADJA 'Truth Becomes Death' 2xLP (Alien8 Recs) - JUNE 2008

More info soon!

Enjoy these and we will get back to you verrrry soon with some more awesome news!


the Conspiracy.

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