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Friday, March 14, 2008

HeatdeatH... blacker than black!

The HeatdeatH records have arrived at the office... limited black vinyl (250 copies), with black print fold out sleeve, showing nothing but the dark future which lays ahead of us: grim, violent, foreign and insipid.

With HeatdeatH, Andrew Broder and Tim Glenn are flirting with the dire circumstances of the human condition in the abstract. The two tracks on this black slab of vinyl are thematically linked in sound, structure and mood. The music evokes a place unpleasant and unbearable.

HeatdeatH is a duo from Minnesota that conjures up sound with guitars, drums and machines. Musically informed by Black Metal, Free Jazz, Electronic Composition, four track recording and pretty shit, their sound constantly unfolds and overlaps, searching melodically with great sadness and beauty, while overwhelmingly abrasive and terrifying all at once. HeatdeatH is the Void, Infinite Cosmic Despair, and the end of consciousness.

Listen to some sound samples here. Official release date is March 25!

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