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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nadja 3x 2xlp Pack info

We decided to offer these 3 beautiful releases as one pack, at the reduced price of 40 euro - these packs can be pre-ordered as soon as the Touched 2xLP goes online (April 22), and they will ship on the release date of the last release of the series ('Truth Becomes Death' 2xLP) on June 23.
There are 100 coloured vinyl packs available for the first orders, the rest will be available seperatly. As soon as you’ve ordered your pack your copy of the records has been reserved. We’ll send you a mail with the payment information as soon as Truth Becomes Death becomes available. Please note that the coloured lp pack is limited to 1 per customer.

Unfortunatly the shipping costs for packages shipped outside of Europe and the USA are extremely high and it’s actually cheaper to order the three records seperately, however if you’d like to order other records besides the Nadja pack the combined shipping can still be the better option (weight of the Nadja pack is 2.2 kg, you can add records up to 5 kg).

If you don't want to miss out, make sure to wishlist the packs here for coloured, here for black immediately, so you'll be the first to get a notification when these are available for pre-order.

All 3 releases are pressed in a limited edition of 750 copies, 200 on coloured and 550 on black vinyl.

core063 - NADJA 'Touched' 2xLP - 200 Silver and 550 Black
core064 - NADJA 'Radiance Of Shadows' 2xLP - 200 White and 550 Black
core065 - NADJA 'Truth Becomes Death' 2xLP - 200 Gold and 550 Black

All 3 releases have similar special packaging, including embossed, die-cut outersleeves and full colour innersleeves. Artwork for each release contains a series of pictures by SELDON HUNT, ànd all D-Sides have an etched picture on them.

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