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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ENVY / JESU 's/t' LP & MANINKARI 'Art Des Poussieres' LP / MP3 now in stock !

Here's a reminder that the ENVY / JESU 'st' LP & MANINKARI 'Art Des Poussieres' LP / MP3 are available as of today!

ENVY have never left their emotionally unstable path of heavy postrock oaths, but again they've cracked open it's core and stripped the sound down to it's epic essence. Always passionate and persistent, most motivational products create unrealistic expectations but stay blind in the mist. Resembling a dose of insomnia, Envy blaze like a grey wind through the cream of the Japanese screamo-postrock crop. Shuffling forward with solitude and starring at a dying light, an unknown glow. Splendid emotionally layered riffs and carved drums guide, and give understanding of despair. Deeply wandering through thick clouds of post-hardcore guitar dust, musically chanelling the remorseless pieces that lead to the dark side. They continue to swing like an eternal pendulum. A coma may also result from head trauma, caused by the mechanisms such as a fall or headlock. Ever since it's formation in 2003, guru Justin K. Broadrick has let no one come close to the throne. He comes and asks questions later. On this new slab he incorporates melodic twisted pop elements with downtempo heavyness, creating a stark textured vessel intoxicated by the minimalism of cold techno drama. JESU holds on to the feeling of eternity, still being a modern day flymachine, yet never losing a transient sight. In a world where lies and reality constantly transform, we need new frames of thought. New bricks in the wall, and new days off to rethink how we'll spend our days off. That's karma. On the righteous path, no tears left to cry. It was too dark to see whether it was staring at us, but im guessing it was!

First pressing of 2000 all on coloured vinyl:
500 x transparent blue
500 x gold
700 x solid white
300 x solid silver.

New Maninkari recordings. Pressrun is 400. 325 on black vinyl, 75 on gold / clear vinyl. As with all our limited vinyl releases, they tend to go fast, if you don't wanna miss out, please wishlist the record and we will send you a notification before the record will be oficialy available. Hide your sorrow and cover your eyes. Maninkari continues to dwell in medieval alchemy, delivering yet another organic instrumental voyage. Bodies are turned inside out and brave souls are free to roam the plagued battlefields. A ritual psychedelic cleansing that plays like a chapter of a forgotten esoteric book, obscure yet spiced with cinematic romance and blood drama. Stretched strings, metal clatter, bells and chains form an eerie trance inducing carpet that inspires and drags the listener down in a radiant sea of darkness. To understand the core essence of darkness one must experience the light first. Groaning tones form a cluster where piano's and shimmering percussion raise the pressure. Maninkari undoubtly wear the classical composition coat, but smeared with the blood of vicious hellhounds. Imagine opening the gates of a lost kingdom washed away by the waves of death, only to remain breathing and move onwards into stark reality. Every track carries a voluptuous density, sparked by a chronic claustrophobic motor, a dusted one that delivers spot-on genuine quality. In short terms the best thing to rise from the French ashes since what seems like forever. Hypnotic minimalism for folks that dig holes listening to Pelt, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Henry Flynt, The Necks and Nurse With Wound.

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