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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Conspiracy Summer Blowout

This is your chance to fill the holes in your Conspiracy collection!
We are offering 5 lp and 2xlp vinyl releases of your choice for the price of 55 euro (+ shipping) and 10 lp and 2xlp vinyl releases of your choice for the price of 99 euro (+ shipping). And yes, that includes the double lp’s in our backcatalog! To top it off we'll throw in a seven inch of your choice, two if you are buying 10 lp’s!
Please let us know what records you want through the comment box when you place an order. We will then get back to you with a total including shipping. This offer lasts till August 31!

If you want to get a shippingquote before buying, just get in touch through nathan@conspiracyrecords and we’ll figure it out for you!
Make your pick from following releases:

core090 Aun / Habsyll 'Split' LP
core080 Transitional 'Stomach Of The Sun' 2LP
core078 Isis 'Wavering Radiant' 2LP
core075 Gnaw 'This Face' LP
core073 HeatdeatH 'Un' LP
core072 Strings Of Consciousness & Angel 'st' LP
core071 Taiga 'Hsheal' LP
core070 Monno 'Ghosts' LP
core069 Maninkari 'Art Des Poussieres' LP
core068 Envy / Jesu 'split' LP
core067 Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat 'The Nebulous Dreams' LP
core066 Jakob 'Solace' 2LP
core061 Fear Falls Burning 'Frenzy Of The Absolute' 2LP
core060 HeatdeatH 'St' LP
core056 M.G.R. 'Wavering On The Cresting Heft' LP
core050 Pleasure Forever 'Bodies Need Rest' LP
core047 Growing 'Live' 2LP
core046 Jesu 'Conqueror' 2LP
core025 Creature With The Atom Brain 'Kill The Snake' LP
core022 Mauro Pawlowski & The Grooms 'Black Europa' Pic Disc LP
core018 Valina 'Vagabond' LP
core016 Valina 'Into Arsenal Of Codes' LP
core013 Rubbish Heap 'st' LP
Subdviant Recordings001 Llips 'Dos Partes' 2LP
Subdeviant Recordings002 Bohr Bug 'st' LP
Subdeviant Recordings003 Cassini Division 'st' LP

And now pick a seven inch free of charge! Pick 2 if you are buying 10 lp’s

core008 Upset / Rubbish Heap 'st' 7"
core009 Deadzibel 'Four Song Environment' 7"
core014 Stifled Cries 'st' 7"
core048 Thrones 'Wage War b/w Trmph Lfe' 7"

On top of that we’re also offering 5 and 10 cd packs. 5 cd’s will cost you 30 euro (+ shipping), 10 cd’s will cost you 50 euro. Same as with the lp’s: let us know what cd’s you want through the comment box when you place an order. Make your pick from the following list:

core088 RED SPAROWES ‘The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer’ CD
core080 TRANSITIONAL ‘Stomach Of The Sun’ CD
core078 ISIS ‘Wavering Radiant’ CD
core077 MONO ‘Hymn To The Immortal Wind’ CD
core075 GNAW ‘This Face’ CD
core070 MONNO ‘Ghosts’ CD
core067 KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT ‘The Nebulous Dreams’ CD
core062 TRANSITIONAL ‘Nothing Real Nothing Absent’ CD
core061 FEAR FALLS BURNING ‘Frenzy Of The Absolute’ CD
core057 MANINKARI ‘Le Diable Avec Ses Chevaux‘ 2XCD
core056 MGR ‘Wavering On The Cresting Heft’ CD
core054 SUNBURNED CIRCLE ‘The Blaze Game’ CD
core053 MANINKARI ‘Psychoide / Participation Mystic’ MCD
core052 SKULL DEFEKTS, THE ‘Blood Spirits & Drums Are Singing’ CD
core050 PLEASURE FOREVER ‘Bodies Need Rest’ CD
core029 MONNO ‘Error’ CD
core028 KNUT ‘Terraformer’ CD
core027 SHORA ‘Malval’ CD
core024 BORIS ‘Boris At Last: Feedbacker’ CD
core023 WHITE CIRCLE CRIME CLUB ‘Written In Black’ CD
core021 IMMENSE ‘Hidden Between Sleeves’ CD
core019 WHITE CIRCLE CRIME CLUB ‘These Are The Secret Sounds Of Fear’ MCD
core018 VALINA ‘Vagabond’ CD
core017 QUETZAL ‘Dead End Tracks’ CD
core010 QUETZAL ‘The Messenger Lies Bleeding... ‘CD
hh666-77e 27 ‘Let The Light In’ MCD
hh666-76e KEELHAUL ‘Subject To Change Without Notice’ CD
hh666-59e ISIS ‘Celestial’ CD

Here are direct links to the packs:
5xLP Pack + free 7"
10xLP Pack + 2 free 7"s
5xCD Pack
10xCD Pack

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