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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ISIS In the absence of truth 2LP - delay in shipping the pre-orders

It doesn't happen alot, and when it happens we feel incredibly shitty about it, but we are facing a 9 day delay in shipping all the pre-orders for the Isis In The Absence of Truth 2LP that was supposed to ship november 15th.

New shippingdate is november 24th.

The reason for this being the testpressings we received not being to the highest standards Isis wanted them to be, and obviously we followed them in their reasoning. All problems are resolved now and the record is being pressed as we speak and will be shipped to us on monday. We hope you can extend your patience further with 9 more days. It is the endresult that counts, and we would not settle for less since we realise this has been an expensive purchase for alot of you. Please accept our apologies, we will work day and night to get the pre-orders out as soon as the vinyl gets here.

Things not always run the way we would like them to run and we profoundly apoligise for this delay.

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