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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Growing - Live 2xlp

Dear Customers,

The past week we received some complaints about the sound quality of the Growing dbl lp, especially about side D; there seems to be a fair bit of ‘crackle’ in the record, which is really disturbing.
We had one complaint like this a few weeks ago, but we didn’t worry too much about it, because there’s always a chance one copy got damaged, and we listened to the record again, and didn’t hear anything wrong.
But the last few days we’re getting reactions regularly, and we started to listen to several copies we have here, and we hear the same thing on some of them.

We have been talking to the pressingplant since a few days, and they have found an error in the mastercopy which apparantly caused a number of copies to have a bad sounding D side.
Problem is we don’t know how many ‘bad’ copies are going around, so that is why we wanted to post this here. If you received a ‘bad’ copy, please email us so we can send you a new C&D record when it becomes available.

We stopped selling it on our webstore now, cause we first need new copies, in order to get anyone who has a ‘bad’ copy a good one, and to be sure the copies we’re selling now are ok.
We’re really sorry about all this, but it’s clear that the pressingplant made a mistake, and we didn’t notice until some people received bad copies and told us about it.

We should know in the coming days when the new C&D record will be pressed. As soon as we get them, we’ll ship the vinyl to everyone who received a bad copy.

We will definitaly keep you posted on this. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. We always try to deliver the best quality in art/sleeves and music as possible, and it’s really frustrating someone else fucks up then…

We’ll be in touch.

The Conspiracy

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