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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

NADJA upcoming 2xLPs!

As you already knew (or as you know now) we are releasing three NADJA records on vinyl. The ones we're talking about are 'Touched', 'Radiance of Shadows' and 'Truth Becomes Death', which were previously released by Alien8 Records on CD.

The official release dates are April 22, May 28 and somewhere in June respectively. All records are vinyl DLPs and come in beautiful packaging with photography by Seldon Hunt.

We will offer you the possibility to buy those 3 records together at a reduced price of 40 EUR as from June 23 on. More information here.

- NADJA 'Touched' 2xLP
- NADJA 'Radiance Of Shadows' 2xLP
- NADJA 'Truth Becomes Death' 2xLP

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