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Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Like an Ur-fart from the sphincter of the Lord", Julian Cope about MONNO's Ghost album

"GHOSTS by Monno is a superb late Doom album, and another real spiritual aid in the mega-meditation department. It sends me under every time as the drummer leads proceedings in a highly ritualistic manner similar to Justin Greaves' cavernous concussion during the opening of Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine's classic LP RAMPTON, but with the guitars of Stephen O'Malley being substituted with the glacial sub-bass of Holy McGrail. Deep into the album, elements of Thrones appear, while the curious smasmodic rhythms of the song 'Merrule'pitch them into the big band No Wave of Lydia Lunch's QUEEN OF SIAM. But while the whole album rises and falls throughout its length, there is at the heart of each track a supreme turbulence that crashes through the psyche of the listener like an Ur-fart from the sphincter of the Lord.

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