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Friday, November 05, 2010

Head of Wantastiquet & Master Musicians of Bukkake reviews on Freqzine

Freqzine posted two great reviews of our new releases:

"Sunburned Hand Of the Man member Paul Labrecque turns his hand here as Head Of Wantastiquet to his own particular variation on American primitivism, taking the form down meanders which can be as strikingly wondrous as the packaging the record is released in."
Full review here

"Splurging out in vibrant Technicolor widescreen to a martial samba snare drum rolls marches a cod-Vietnamese rocking good-time, swinging tune. It’s possible to imagine the kids from Saigon boogieing to this before picking up their ChiCom AKs and heading out for a warm evening’s insurrection in the dance bars South Viet Nam back in the imaginary day"
Full review here

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