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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Flying Horseman live at Duyster

Last Sunday Flying Horseman played a live session at the Studio Brussel radioshow Duyster. The radiostation now uploaded a live videoclip of Bitter Storm, an interview (in Dutch) and three more audioclips: Ghostwriter, There Lives a House and Climb Up the Wall. You can check this all out at the Studio Brussel website.

On top of that Julian Cope reviewed the Flying Horseman record on Head Heritage:
"Right, now I’ll try and simmer things down via this month’s reviews section. First, I wanna discuss the epic nature of WILD EYES, the extravagant debut by the Netherlands’ [sic] Flying Horseman. Whew, motherfuckers, you really nailed this fucker down! Huge guitar ramalama overloads the drums every time on this disc. Like heaping Justin Hayward’s post ‘Apache’ guitar mangle over Scott’s ‘The Seventh Seal’ or Nick ‘Johnny Cash’ Cave by way of Sonny Vincent and Glenn ‘Jimbo’ Danzig. And emanating out of that same arid Zoroastrian spaghetti desert as Yawning Man’s post-Post Punk takes, Flying Horseman sets up magnificent themes, indoctrinates us with’em, then brutally sweeps us sideways with indiscriminate drive-byes of minor-key evil… rat-atat-atat-ata-ata-ata-ata. Fabulous music this truly be, better still we gotta fully-fledged self-possessed figurehead in ye singer & songwriter, the starrishly-named Bert Dockx."

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