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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Conspiracy spring 2007 releases

Here's an update of how things unfold at Conspiracy for the coming few months.

FEB 27: JESU Conqueror 2LP
> new releasedate: March 15.
We do not take any pre-orders. The release of this record is delayed to March 15.

Listen to 'Conqueror' here :

> See our yesterday's post for more information.

MARCH 21 : THRONES tour 7" ltd
> Intented for the Thrones / Growing European tour, but we have yet to receive the masters, so if this one will gets done on time is yet to be seen... keep fingers crossed.

APRIL 23: ISIS Celestial 2LP
> Escape Artist Records did the Celestial album on vinyl back in 2001 when the album first came out. The record was difficult to keep in print, and to coincide with Isis upcoming European tour May / June this year we are gonna make this album available on vinyl in Europe for the first time.

> On their first full-length collaboration CD Fear Falls Burning and Nadja display their wilful approach to drones with 4 epic songs, full of sustain, pulses and dynamics. Grand in theme, sound and atmosphere. This album draws inspiration from their critically-acclaimed lp for Conspiracy Records while pushing the boundaries on their sound as an entity. This album entirely consists of new material.
Limited to 1000 copies, in digipak.

MAY 21: PLEASURE FOREVER 'Bodies need rest' LP/CD
> Bodies Need Rest is a posthumous collection of unreleased and rare Pleasure Forever recordings. This release was originally intended to be an EP of cover songs that in one way or another fit the gestalt of Pleasure Forever. At long last, this album consists of four cover songs from that unfinished EP, plus four rare tracks forming a comprehensive timeline from the band's beginning. This album includes 5 previously unreleased Pleasure Forever tracks as well as two B-sides previously released on Sub Pop and one track from the out-of-print Buddyhead Gimme Skelter compilation. PLEASURE FOREVER is not currently active, but the long-awaited release featuring unreleased songs (some of which have been posted here in the past), B-sides and compilaiton tracks is set for official release worldwide on May 22, 2007 via Conspiracy Records. Each band member lives in a different city on the west coast and is involved in other musical projects at this time. Andrew Rothbard released his first solo album Abandoned Meander in late 2006 on Smooch Records. David Clifford currently plays drums in RED SPAROWES and bass guitar in THE SAGITTARIANS. Josh Hughes has a new band called RABBITS featuring ex-Lion Fever drummer Kevin Garrison. Pleasure Forever was once known as SLAVES and all thee members played previously in The VSS.

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