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Monday, July 02, 2007

Fear Falls Burning - Once We All Walk Through Solid Objects 5lp set - delayed -

We announced a week ago that the release of the FEAR FALLS BURNING 5x LP box was delayed.
A couple of days ago we got news from the label that it is again delayed for at least another week.

We want to apologize to all of you who pre-ordered the box for this delay.
All we can say is that the wait will definitely be worth it and that we will make sure to ship this as soon as they come in.

thanx for your patience,
The Conspiracy

here is last week's 'official' statement from the label;

"like you, we eagerly await the arrival of the fear falls burning 5lp set once we all walk through solid objects. the project has been received with a lot of enthousiasm and anticipation since we announced its release earlier this year and has virtually sold out by now. the production already started last year and when we announced the pre-orders mid april, all was on a track for a smooth release early june, even with the re-test of one side of the album. problems started with the delivery of the special cardboard which cause delivery problems at the jacket printer due to it's larger size with a 12mm spine. last week we finally received the first few copies and they looked smashing. and sounded smashing, apart from the very first beginning of side one - the bass communion track. we think that you pay to receive a perfect record rather than a hastily arranged mediocre record, so we decided to repress the first disc. we could have suspected that we were going to be part of murphy's law and we just heard we're right in the middle of it. the special crystal clear vinyl needed to repress the first disc appears to be not clean which means new vinyl has to arrive at the pressing plant. there's a rush order on the vinyl and the pressing plant expects a delivery early next week from italy, after which our treasured release will be first in line to get going. in the meantime, we cannot give you an exact release date. we hope you bear with us, that we are doing our utmost best to deliver a topnotch release as soon as possible."

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