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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Forgotten record of the month: CAVITY - 'Supercollider' CD - € 5.00 !!!

In our 'forgotten record of the month' series, this time around we're offering the CAVITY - 'Supercollider' CD for a mere € 5.00 for a limited time only. Act fast!

Initial release on Man's Ruin records during the Ruin's final days. With 'Supercolliders' inevitable re-release on Hydrahead records, Cavity are set to re-afirm their imposing legacy. Unearthed with the same mix of shock, horror and, eventually, acceptance and closure as a loved one?s long-lost remains from a dense Floridian swamp, the mighty Cavity's 'missing' Supercollider is both musical damnation and salvation in ten not-so-easy-to-digest tracks of abrasive doom/dirge apocalyptic noise.

Click here to order the CAVITY - Supercollider CD now!

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