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Friday, February 02, 2007


Fear Falls Burning, our friend and ally joined the Conspiracy Records roster, and we're very excited about that! We've known Dirk for a long time, followed his work with Vidna Obmana over the years and we're happy we can now function as his homebase and as a platform to release his music as well as representing him in our booking roster.

In the works is a brand new collaboration album with Nadja due for release May 21. Fear Falls Burning and Nadja released an LP in our limited LP series (which sold out in no time), but the collaborative album will consist of entirely new material.This album will be released in an edition of 1000 digipak cd's, and will be followed with a second collaboration CD he's currently working on with Birchville Cat Motel, also in a limited edition of 1000 digipak cd's. His first proper solo album 'Frenzy of the absolute' for Conspiracy is sheduled for an early 2008 release.

Fear Falls Burning has a few February 2007 shows planned with Cult Of Luna, check tourdates for more info :

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