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Wednesday, February 14, 2007



edition of 1000
200 blue vinyl
800 black vinyl
Expect this record to go on sale in our webstore starting March 14.
Oficial releasedate is March 26.

72 Min Live 2xLP of complete drone bliss, contains two complete live shows.
These recordings were released on cd through Archive Recordings and are long sold out.

“While Growing continually return to that near-ambient tranquility, the record is a series of meandering excursions into MASSIVE slow motion, melted-riff soundscapes, notes and chords unfurl impossibly slowly, as if someone had doubled the gravity and the sound waves were actually visible, drizzling lazily to the floor like molasses or honey, rich golden globs of thick distorted throb. Like Earth and Skullflower meshed into one buzzing blurry soundfield, all muted melody and crunchy riffage, a pulsing swirl of feedback and guitarral grrrr! The sound is basically phenomenal…” (Aquarius)
Growing is a band from Olympia, Washington that was formed by Kevin Doria, Joe Denardo, and Zack Carlson (who left the band following the release of their first album) in 2001. They play instrumental drone rock with elements of noise and ambient music. Their live shows are known for being incredibly loud, playing straight through their set without break or pause. They have released albums on Kranky, Animal Disguise, Archive and Megablade, and currently have a new full length album out on Troubleman.

1 comment:

Vadim Egorov said...

Hey, awesome news, indeed! I happen to have the Archive cd but would very much like to have it on vynil!
So does that announcement basically mean that you will start accepting orders only from 14th March on, or can the blue vynil version be pre-ordered earlier?

Btw, I tried to register on your forum today and each time I got the message saying that the verification code I entered was incorrect and my email address was banned. I tried it three times with three different emails and always got the same message. I'm also sure I had the verification code typed right.

Anyways thanks a lot for your work. And extra special thanks for releasing Harmony In Ultraviolet on vynil! (got it from Aquarius)