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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT 'The nebulous dreams' Streams entirely!

That's right, we're streaming the entire record for a week! You will be able to listen the whole record September 17 until February 24.
The first reviews are coming in, check what Julian Cope had to say on Head Heritage:
"Those of you dragged awake by such cello and viola drones and dark fölk musings will hopefully dig THE NEBULOUS DREAMS, an epic (but too brief) album by a Belgian sextet fabulously known as Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat. Released on Conspiracy Records (, and led by singer/keyboardist Stef Irritant, this ensemble has conjured up such a superb union of pagan discord and highly catchy repetitious choruses that each song enslaves listeners’ brains and pummels their subconscious minds. Imagine Marc Almond singing Van Der Graaf Generator’s ‘Killer’ over a churning base of Sweden’s Terry Rileyesque Parson Sound and you’ll be approaching the pleasure centres of this extraordinary group. Grab your copy from Conspiracy Records or interface directly via"


The Aurelio Blog said...

a french review :,4570,nebulous-dreams.html

cheers !



Uva Ursi said...

February? you sure you don't mean october or september?

Conspiracy Records said...

Of course we meant September...