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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat - the Nebulous Dreams

The brand new Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat record, the Nebulous Dreams is now available at our webstore. Order it here

Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat has always been utterly fascinated with primitive savagery and heathen tactics. On this third full length endeavor, they explore and recast their horror-filled doom theme in the light of current debates on modernity and globalization. Minimalist instrumentation and hypnotic ultra dramatic vocals are wrapped in equal parts doom ridden heresy, the percussion is stripped down off hazy emotions and stretched into a pure vessel of magical strength, where a muted buzz deliberately enforces mental overload. A divine doom folk/rock cloud that shares apocalyptic interests with such visionaries as Current 93, Woven Hand, Richard Youngs, Comus and other uplifting pagan psych-folk.

With bestial roots in the anti-establishment punk movement and a healthy dose of nihilism, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat are ready to drive the wooden stake through the heart of inner demons. A wail of a time. When not chewing wind-dried tobacco, these vicious heretics sink further into dreary pools of cosmic sin. Pounding drums that sound like bones drugged with medication, hovering over a ghostly buzz spiked with bells and subtle piano clatter. Blackened loner persistance drenched in assault sorcery and woven with occult paraphernalia. Highly influenced by spiritual unease, borderline fathoms and kanaima, an ancient practice that involves the ritual stalking, mutilation, lingering death and consumption of human victims. Serpent riders gather around the trance-inducing campfire and raise their beverages to inhumane fornication and strangled animals. Heretics believed that fire was a living being, notably an old woman, the licking flames of the fire are her movements. The indistinct shape of semi religious drama and apocalyptic misery create a nocturnal ability to see through the dark. Board up your windows and load up your shotgun. The death is in the details... More specifically the end of a hot dog that resembles a cat's anus. I may just have to eat my words.
'Carlo Steegen -
This record is limited to 750 copies. 250 on clear and 500 on black.

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